Don't wash those jeans, freeze them

idea by kreya85
Don't wash those jeans, freeze them



Describe your project for making your home more efficient:


The New York Times reports: Levi Strauss & Co. says the typical pair of blue jeans uses up almost 1,000 gallons of water during its lifecycle. Huh? How? OK, that includes water for the cotton crop, making the jeans, and washing them dozens of times.

What are the basic steps to do this?

Fold your jeans neatly and place inside bag. Seal bag and insert in freezer. Remove after one week and wear as new.
While this process won't remove stains and isn't really intended for "work jeans" (I think), it is touted to kill any living organisms and make your jeans FEEL crisp and clean again.

Personally, after taking my jeans out this morning, I have to say they did feel crisper, though it may simply have been the cold. Other that that, I can't say I was fooled into thinking that they had been washed in any way, BUT they did - after all that time away from me - feel fresh and I'm glad to have them back.

How does this make your home more efficient?


using less water it saves water and electricity bill

List materials and costs for your project.


A pair of dirty (feeling) jeans
A large Zip-Lock Bag

What inspired this project?


Washing jeans every week, using lot of human and machine energy

In one sentence, why should every resident of planet Earth do this?


Its saves WATER!

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